Tips For Saving Money On Prom

My coworker and her daughter have been spending their last few weekends looking for a prom dress. Daughter wants a $150 gown that would need additional tailoring. Mom is looking for something for $20. Factoring in the dress, shoes, purse, hair and makeup, prom can cost a girl and her parents well over $200. Yikes! That's a lot for a night of emotional turmoil and disappointment. (Sorry, was my disillusion talking?) Here are a few ideas to bring that price down a bit.

Hold a dress swap. When my boss was a teenager, all the girls where she worked brought in their formals to trade. Everyone left with a new, free dress. Suggest this to your local school district, your church, or some other organization.

This would look lovely with a blouse in your
favorite color. (Forever 21 $25)
On a smaller scale, try Craigslist. "Will trade size 4 pink party dress for size 4 dark blue gown."

Skip the new accessories. Did you get a bag and shoes for homecoming? Use them again. If your dress is floor length, it doesn't even matter what your shoes look like. It only matters that you can dance in them.

Think beyond the dress. It's right there in the phrase. Prom dress implies dress. But who says you can't wear a skirt and top? I did it. With the availability of cute party skirts from tutus to maxis, you don't have to settle on a dress. Plus, mixing a top and skirt means you won't show up in the same outfit as anyone else.

Think price per wear. Not a lot of people wear black for prom. However, a black cocktail length dress has more wearability and versatility than a lime green gown with a rhinestone neckline. Expand your thinking beyond prom. Could you wear it to a wedding? Could you wear it to a girls night out? Could you wear it on a nice date? A dress you could see yourself wearing at least four times is a better buy than a dress you can only wear once.

Repeat this to yourself, "I am not a princess." Guess what? You don't have millions in tax dollars at your disposal. You are not Elsa or Ariel or even Kate Middleton. Yes, most girls wants to play dress up and have a top-of-the-stairs moment. Wearing a dress that wears you is not going to accomplish that. (Besides, princesses are princesses no matter what they are wearing.) Make sure your expectations are realistic for your budget, your situation, and yourself. You will be more comfortable and happy.


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