Under the Gunn Episode 7

I apologize, but today's post will be a speed round as this week has been a speed round for me.

We seems to have a shift in the mentors. While Mondo seems to be consistent, even if he is routinely in the middle now instead of the top, Nick and Anya have swapped placed. Nick has risen from his low spot. He's given up the micro managing. He is offering cautious critiques and listening to his designers. He is quickly redeeming himself from the Isobelle fiasco. Anya, however, is losing her grip. She doesn't seem to know how to work with different personalities when they get lost or discouraged. She battered poor Nicholas into the ground, and he's out because of it. He look wasn't working, but he might have been able to switch things up and make it work if she had offered him guidance instead of disapproval. I remember a certain designer (*cough*Anya*cough*) who had to beg fabric scraps off contestants after losing her money. Those experiences should lead to more compassionate and encouraging help. Instead, she let a less than great design concept and some questionable fabric stop her from even communicating with him.

The runway itself was cool. I loved the steampunk theme. Shan of Team Anya won, but I was cheering for Team Nick's Natalia and her dress with a working pulley system. Which look was your favorite?


Anonymous said…
I think I liked Oscar, Team Nick the best.

The very first one had potential, though!
Rachel said…
Your pick and the winning look were my top two, so I'm ok with the outcome. Shen's was really well made. I was kind of hoping the designers would go a little more over-the-top.

I'm a little surprise at the shift in Anya because I thought she was doing such a good job. I'm wondering if there was more going on that we didn't see that made her so frustrated. I'm SO glad Nick has taken ten steps back!!

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