Inspired By: Capes

Lupita Nyong'o and Amy Adams at the Globes and Cyndi Lauper at the Grammys all had something in common -- capes. I can't hide it any more. I suffer from cape lust. (Sorry, Eda Mode.)

Capes are simple shapes that provide high drama. Simple drama is my jam. I also happen to swoon for crazy sleeves, but my sleeves and coats are at war. This cannot happen in the year of the POLAR VORTEX (vortex vortex). Capes to the rescue. My current goal is to have one of these for spring even if I have to make it myself. Pictures if when it happens.


Anonymous said…
I've already got one. Ha! This closet goth girl WINS!
Shelley said…
I share your cape envy, I love capes, and even if they are not in fashion I will wear one. And like you I will strive to have more capes while they are a fashion.

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