Beauty Review: L'Occitane Pure Shea Butter

A few years ago I stumbled upon L'Occitane pure Shea butter when I was putting together a gift guide. L'Occitane has a list of 50 uses for their pure Shea butter so I thought it would be a wonderful gift. It took me while, but I finally bought one for myself about two months ago. I just purchased the $12 travel size, which looks like a little lip balm.

You can check out all 50 uses here. I haven't tried them all, but my favorites are:
  • Cuticle cream. I've never used a better one.
  • Lip balm. I still use my Carmex, but when I need this, it's amazing.
  • Scabs, paper cuts, injuries from my general clumsiness. It's soothing and not as messy as most ointments.
  • Cracked dry skin. It's made winter so much more bearable.
  • Frizz tamer. I've just tried this and it's great! My curls are going to love it.
Hair, skin, nails. This has cleaned a lot of products out of my purse and travel pouch.

My favorite part of this product is the simplicity. It's only pure shea butter. My sensitive skin and allergies make skin care products impossible to find. This one doesn't cause irritation. It's amazing. Best of all the tiny tub will last forever. I've barely made a dent in two months.

The Shea butter comes in two sizes, .26 ounce for $12 or 5.2 ounces for $40 (this one is organic). All the Shea butter is sourced from women's cooperatives in Burkine Faso, West Africa at a fair price above market rate to help women gain economic independence. Look great. Feel great. Make the world better.


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