Bodies and Fashion in History

The 18th century had corsets,
not crash diets.
Hands down, my favorite series I've ever written in five years of blogging was kicked off by reading the book Extreme Beauty: The Body Transformed. I won't recap my review, but the short story is that the book break downs the way we have used clothing across culture and time to alter our bodies. Three years later, it's still one of the most influential books I've read about fashion.

This inspired a post about when in history different physical features were popular. I cannot even tell you how many times I've referenced this. There is not a "way" women should be. There is no "real woman." Let me repeat: There is no "real woman." We even got into this a little on our Facebook a few weeks ago. The current ideal is an impossible mash so love the body you have an work it.
New World, You Say?

We don't do posts about dressing to hide your "flaws" or faking an hourglass figure, because we firmly believe that if we want society to stop pressuring and air-brushing us, we need to start by accepting other shapes as beautiful. Instead of those typical posts, I've only ever created three posts about dressing your body -- one for embracing your breasts, one for celebrating your hips, and one for loving your waist.

We've had five years with this "love the body you have" stance and look forward to many more. Remember: you're not mass-produced; you're a work of art.


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