Rate the Red Carpet: Grammys 2012

Last week, Jael did a fabulous job of dressing several Grammy nominees. Sadly, after watching the red carpet last night we discovered the nominees and their stylists went for either bizarre are boring (mostly boring). What do you think of their choices versus our recommendations?

Adele swept all six categories in which she was nominated. She deserved it. I know she's talking about being a bit uncomfortable on red carpets and magazine covers, but I still wish she'd move beyond basic black and have a little fun with fashion. After all, she sure seemed to be having fun last night. I especially wish she would try something like the stunning silver gown pictured here. What do you think?
Katy Perry's blue Elie Saab dress was very very pretty, but it wasn't very very Katy Perry. I don't mind her going for a pretty look. I even love the color. But I've come to expect her to show up looking like Willy Wonka designed her dress (not just the cotton candy on her head). It's just more fun that way. Don't you think?
Kelly Clarkson skipped the red carpet last night so it may not be totally fair to rate her dress. This is her performance dress, which looked lovely and fit her performance and her very nicley. I do hope someday we see Kelly wow on the Red Carpet with all the power and emotion with which she wows on stage.
Rihanna somehow kept her dress on all night with nary a malfunction. She told Ryan Seacrest she help Armani design the dress (and she's working on a capsule collection for him, which I hope will be more exciting and contain more fabric than this). I miss the days when Rihanna rocked an interesting gown. Don't you?


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