Dress the Nominee: Grammys 2012

It's going to be a big night for Adele, as well it should. Girl's had a big year, but her wardrobe is not very superstar. Chalk that up to stylists not knowing what to do with a plus size girl. They always put her in black, knee length dress. (The one exception being a green jacket at the 51st Grammys.) I'd like her to mix things up with color. This outfit features a full skirt from Jason Wu and a bustier top by Louis Vuitton. Barring color, at least go with a metallic. Amber Riley and Queen Latifah wear them all the time (just call their stylist and fire yours) to great effect. This silver Dolce & Gabbana has excellent waist definition and a 1960s vibe fitting for a retro queen.

Usually, I pick two options for each nominee, but have you ever seen a more Katy Perry dress than this practically candy-coated Nicolas Jebran? No, you have not.

Many years ago, I voted Kelly Clarkson. I still <3 her. Kelly doesn't usually wow on the red carpet, but she should. Ten years later and she's still awesome. This velvet Dolce & Gabbana cocktail dress would be fantastic on her. I'd really like to see her in red, and this floral Elie Saab couture is stunning. There's a little jacket too if she's not feeling the strapless. (Does anyone else imagine Kelly would totally wear a regular bra with an evening dress and cover the straps with a jacket?)

Rihanna used to be a fashion must-see for me, but I haven't liked a lot of her looks since she got the extensions. Stay feminine but return to the land of the fashion forward with Alexander McQueen's coral-encrusted gown, but skip the hood because Gaga's been there, worn that. For a change, I'd like to not see the inside of Rihanna's thighs. Girl has an allergy to leg coverings. Nicolas Jebran's springy gown is oragamied within an inch of its life. Wearing this dress and not being remembered is impossible.


elite barcelona said…
Great Dresses !

Jennifer Wells said…
I remember reading in Nina Garcia's "The 100," that she recommended A-line dresses for curvier women, but I disagree. It was something like, "Go ahead and eat cake! We have A-line dresses!"

I feel that a voluptuous figure should be given definition, not cloaked.
Jael Paris said…
I've read that a pear shaped woman like myself should never wear a pencil skirt or people will know that I'm hideously disproportionate. I love pencil skirts and people can deal with my bootiliciousness.

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