Love or Loathe: Red Lipstick

We've discussed my irritation at the idea that I dress for someone other than me. When I stumbled across a book that stated the only reason you'd wear red lipstick is that you're a hussy, I maybe, kinda threw the book across the room. There are many reasons to wear red lipstick. First of all, it's classic as that's the only shade that was available for years. Even before the lipstick tubes we're familiar with, women from Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth I found ways to color their lips red (and no one called the Virgin Queen a hussy and kept their head!). Red is the only shade to wear if you want to pull off a retro or Old Hollywood look. Red is for the bold.

Of course, plenty of women just don't like that much attention on their mouths. They feel a red lip overshadows the rest of their face. Plus, finding the perfect red can be a process, and it's not exactly a low maintenance color. So there are reasons to skip a red lip, just don't let it be hussidom.


Cait Throop said…
My Mom always wore red lipstick and with her dark curly hair and pale skin I thought she looked elegant and beautiful! It is, however, hard to me to pull off!
lm said…
preach! i wear red lipstick all the time :D
Jennifer Wells said…
If you want red lipstick, but don't want RED lipstick, then wear a gloss.

It is really difficult for me to find a lipstick color that looks okay on me that besides red.

My feelings are that anything else looks fake. Of course, red does, too, but it looks SO fake (I mean, seriously, nobody has lips that are naturally fire-engine red) that it is therefore not like you seriously think you're getting away with something. Wearing obviously fake lipstick is being more honest than a "natural" peach.
Lesa said…
I am almost 50 (but feel 25) and I just got up the nerve to wear red lipstick--actually the same brand in the Gwen Stefani pic you posted (and I swear by it in any color--loreal, it lasts all day!) I actually like the red lips with my blonde hair and pale skin, although I do have to say I am still feeling a little self conscious-but I'm working on that.
Fanya said…
@Lesa: I think when you are almost 50, you are entitled to wear whatever you want. Especially since there's no emo teenager peer pressure sensitivity etc etc around (hopefully).

And red lips will not make you look like a hussy unless it is accompanied by cleavage down to there and mini skirt up to here.

-from a 20some engineering student. Being surrounded by guys and ppl who don't care about fashion at all sorta put a damper on things, and they think I'm doing something special if I wear shirt dress/black boots instead of tee/jeans. =/
Rachel said…
Paris, you look GREAT in red lipstick. But it's totally not for me.

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