Poll: Who Do You Dress For?

One of my coworkers casually made a comment that the only reason anyone dresses out of the norm is to solicit comments. I disagree fully. I don't dress like the rest of my fellow Hoosiers because, frankly, I'm a little odd. If I don't fit into the normal train of thought, the normal set of interests, the normal pattern of behavior, why on earth would I be expected to dress like everyone else too?

One of my friends keeps reminding me that I'm the exception, not the rule. She reminded me of this last time we had a discussion along these lines. While I may dress for me, I'm the minority. Plenty of women do dress for attention. Some want to attract a partner. Others want to stoke jealousy in other women. Some people just desperately want to be noticed.


Susanelle said…
I like it when people say "I like what you're wearing," and since mostly those people are going to be women, I could say I dress for other women.

I also like to stunt-dress -- in holiday colors and so on.
Jael Paris said…
I also like it when people say "I like what you're wearing," but when they tell my they hate my outfit (and people do tell me that), I don't really care so much. I just think they don't see what I'm going for.
Kari. said…
I actually think it's a combination of all the above. I dress for different reasons ... right now, I'm in a guinea tee and boxers. I would say I'm dressing for me. But if I had to go to town, I would put something else on ... why? because what I have on is not appropriate ... so I dress appropriately for the occasion. There are definitely sometimes that I dress just to be noticed -- so people say Hot Damn -- who is she ... what's wrong with that. It's still dressing for me. So maybe I do dress for me after all.
Fanya said…
depends on la mood. When I'm happy I wear brights. When I'm feeling quirky or random, I wear those clothe. Most of the time I don't care what ppl say as long as I'm happy, that's 90%.

But if I were to go to a party or meet with long-time-no-see friends, I might put on an outfit that I like, they like, and might be a conversational piece.

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