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So Very Nauti-cal

Summer Sun: Make the most of whats left of summer with a beach ready look under $150, a giant hat to shield you from the sun, and our top 5 sunscreen picks to protect your skin. Also, nab some clearance comfort sandals for those long walks on the beach.

Get Crafty: Check out handmade 40s-inspired clothing from our Etsy Shop of the Week. Catch up on Project Runway with out recaps of the 10 "safe" designers from week one and all the designs from week 2's pet store challenge. Plus, you can't miss this overpriced, crafty mess in this week's The Horror.


kbousq said…
I found your blog from Polyvore & love it!

You have an absolutely amazing Polyvore! I love everything you've done!

Feel free to check out my polyvore or my new website:

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