Poll: Summer Makeup

It's bloody hot! Last week, it was over 110 (degrees, not heat index) at work everyday. Thursday, after drinking two liters of water, I still wasn't sweating and started to hallucinate. A big thanks to the people who make popsicles for keeping me alive.

Up until this time, I'd scaled back my makeup routine to spf infused moisturizer and blush. Now I don't even do that. (I should still be wearing the spf moisturizer, but I feel like even that gets sweated off during the walk to the car.)


becca said…
I usually keep my face mostly bare, but I'm not even playing with eye makeup or concealer in this heat.

I've even lightened up on my hair products. My hair may be a bit frizzy, but I've been putting it up more anyway.
Nathalia said…
I have switched to a tinted spf moisturizer, concealer, waterproof mascara and spf-lipbalm. If I feel really fancy I add some powder bronzer or blush. Works quite well.
Laylie said…
I agree with Nathalia. It is better to use concealers and spf moisturizer than putting on cosmetics. But make sure you read skin care reviews first before purchasing these beauty products.

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