Love or Loathe: Strappy Slip

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know we love honest-to-goodness slips. Urban Outfitters is one of the few stores that still sells them, but this strappy number? It's being sold as a slip, but it looks more like a dress. The bustier top is fun, but I certainly don't see how it will help smooth things out. With the distinct waist, it would bunch oddly unless your overdress has the same silhouette. So let's just call it a dress; plenty of the reviewers have worn it that way. Do you like it as a dress? As lingerie? Does this look work better in black or pink (or the not pictured black on black)?


Cait Throop said…
Totally as a dress! Would love the black on black one!!!
Anonymous said…
I hate looks like a recession struck referee. It might not be so bad if it didn't look so flimsy.
Susanelle said…

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