Summertime Bras

In case Monday's rant didn't clue you in, I've have a frustrating time shopping for bras lately. Not only do I not want padding shaping me, I don't want padding trying to kill me. It's hot! No smothering foam, please!

Last summer I rediscovered the joy of unlined bras, and this summer unstructured bralettes are my wardrobe must-have. They're perfectly sufficient for a woman my size without the bulk I want to avoid in summer. Some are indistinguishable from a cami, so they look cute peeking up from under a breezy top. Plus, they're super comfy for jammies.striped bralette, Betsey Johnson $10
chartreuse silk bra, Anthropologie $70
orange halter bra, Free People $38
ribbon trim jersey bralette, Undrest $30
aqua ruffle triangle bra, Shopbop $14
berry lace bralette, Bluefly $21

Is anyone else in love with barely there bras?


Tamia said…
In my old(er) age, I've discovered that the hassle of padded microfiber far outweighs the benefits. I want silk or cotton triangle bras with a good lining, dammit!

Now...let's talk about strapless bras. I say they're USELESS. What say you?

Jael Paris said…
I bought an unpadded strapless from Natori last year and it's the best strapless ever. Unfortunately, they discontinued it. The strapless I wore for my wedding sort of a padded boob armor and not worth the trouble.
becca said…
I wish I could find a barely there bra in my size. I'm just lucky if I find one that doesn't look and feel like armor. (A shocking number still have several inches of padding too. ????)

The closest thing I had to a barely there bra was a line of cotton bras Target used to carry. So comfy! Sadly they replaced them with a line of Memory Foam bras. Because, you know, bras don't retain enough heat already.
rachel said…
These look so comfy. I wonder if they would keep my girls where they need to be though... Most of these aren't made in my size
Unknown said…
I have Barely There Bras. Barely There is good brand. All bras are comfortable.

Mrs. Marson

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