Evil Queens Get All The Good Clothes

When I watch movies with Evil Queens, I usually get distracted by their fabulous clothing. An evil queen knows the value of a high collar, the power of chain mail and armor-inspired accessories, wicked necklines, and the best tailoring money can buy. While I see myself as a "good guy" and imagine I'd be a heroine, a kind princess, or a benevolent empress, I want the evil queen's wardrobe. Actually, if I had to choose between the clothing and the greater good.... let's just say it's be a very tough decision. After making this confession to Jael Paris, she used her Polyvore skillz to put together some maleficently magnificent looks.

Azkadellia, the evil queen who takes control of the OZ in the sci-fi, modern Wizard of Oz mini series, Tin Man, inspired the set. She managed to be more heartless than the Tin Man and more stylish than Zooey Deschanel's Dorothy.

The Queen of Hearts (who will soon be Tim Burton-ified on the big screen) has the kind of ostentatious style a queen should have. And she makes something as sickeningly sweet as hearts, dark and foreboding. I'm sure she had a mean poker face too.
The White Witch of Narnia is not someone you would scold for wearing white after labor day. She shows that evil doesn't only come in black (and occasionally red). Her "snow white" look is icy as can be and keeps all those pesky woodland creatures trembling with fear.
Maleficent, by far the most terrifying of the bunch, has set the bar for evil doing and looking good while she's at it. Even when she "summons all the powers of Hell," the dragon she becomes is one regal reptile. Thankfully good prevails, but her fashion flame continues to burn.
Who is your (least?) favorite evil queen or wicked witch? Who has the best style? Did I miss any evil queen puns because I really tried to get them all?


Kasmira said…
Thanks for the Tin Man mention. I'd never heard of it but now it's at the top of my Net Flix queue!

I've always identified with the evil queens (and their wardrobes!)
WickedThrifty said…
wow! i totally love this post and your sets :D
i'm partial to the evil queen in sleeping beauty, myself... witchy powers are the coolest.

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