Love or Loathe: Wide Leg Pants

It's well documented that Jael Paris and I love wide leg pants. These pants are comfy, a thousand times more likely to fit over curves and they're stunning. What's not to love?

Apparently, a lot. The more excited I am about the wide leg pants, the more women around me shake their fists in anger. While I'd argue that the right fit and amount of width can be found for most figures, many women have told me I am arguing in vain. Arugements against wide leg pants included "They make me look square;" "I seem 4 inches shorter;" "They make work for bottom curves, but not the curves around my middle;" and the list went on.

I remain a lover of these pants. They're comfortable without losing any chic-ness, often very flattering and they never go out of style.

What's your take on wide leg pants? Are they a love, a loath, an indifferent or evaluated on a pant by pant basis?


Stacy G. said…
Wide leg AND high-waist? These pants are a dream! They're as wearable as sweats but look chic and polished. I'm heading to Nordstrom today to find them. Re wide legs in general: I think they are soooo flattering for all but very petite women.
Princess said…
I don't LOVVVVE them...I have a pair in my closet...but I feel like they kind of look old fashion :S Ive had mine for a couple of years now and I feel like they should sit there until they come back strong...they will come back but not soooo hot right now.... come visit my blog
Cait Throop said…
I LOVE them!! Very Katherine Hepburn!!!
Fanya said…
*sigh* Let me guess. Those ladies shaking their fists at you are the same one who hates long skirts? because their arguments are the same.

The point is to wear a fitted top with it. The business-y wide pants have a sharp crease down the leg, and since no one can see how thick your leg is or the heel underneath. Well, it make you look chic without trying too hard. I also like the fluttery chiffon/silk variety in a fun print paired with basic tee.

The wide legged pants WILL make you look short if: 1. it drags on the ground. 2. it is at your ankle or above. 3. if you don't wear medium/high heels and a fitted top with it.
sparkleandstorm said…
I've always loved wide leg pants- for me they are a classic piece. I am not tall by any means (5'4) but I agree with Fanya- they work with the right top and shoes.
Rachel said…
Love. Obviously it depends on what you're wearing and what your body shape is. I'm not about to wear a flowy shirt with wide-legged pants, but with fitted shirts they look amazing.
Kaye said…
I'm not a huge fan. I've seen some people look great in them, but I've never felt like they look good on me.

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