Wide Leg Pants

This past September, I was lounging on my couch flipping through pictures from New York Fashion Week with psychotic glee. Between the macrame bikinis and granny panty "shorts" was a most beautiful sight: wide leg pants. They are part of the 70s revival we'll see this season, but we always think of wide leg pants as Katharine Hepburn pants. Insert comment about love and comfort and swish. Now, onto shopping!Top: sailor pants, ASOS $53.79
grey work pant, Old Navy $32.50
olive pants, Anthropologie $138
Bottom: pale beige stripe, New York & Company $34.95
tie-waist work trouser, Nordstrom $148
brown pleat swishy pants, Top Shop $90


becca said…
Of course, the two I like best are from Anthropologie and Nordstrom. Darn expensive taste.
Jael Paris said…
I'm very excited. Last year I bought wide leg sailor jeans, but haven't been able to wear them for their need of hemming. If I throw them at my sewing machine, they will magically fixify and BOOM! pants.

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