Hosiery for the Holidays

If you're holiday dress budget is a bit tight, try dressing up the basics you have with bold accessories. These shiny, sparkly, vivid, and unique tights will make any LBD special enough for any holiday occasion.

Sparkle Pictured:
Sparkle Tights, Forever 21, $5.50
Glitter Tights, Hue, $20
Bijoux Cluster Tights, Hue, $28
Ornamental Tights, Hue, $20

Stripe Pictured:
Tuxedo Stripe Tights, Figleaves, $19.80
Studded Side Tights, Hue, $22
Back Seam Shimmer Tights, ASOS, $13.79
Glitter Back Seam Tights, Urban Outfitters, $14

Pattern Pictured:
Sparkle Print Tights, Anthropologie, $20
Diamond Web Tights, Forever 21, $5.80
Sheer Garter Tights, Topshop, $16
Brocade Pattern Tights, Hue, $12.50

What kind of tights make your holiday looks festive?


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