Jeggings: Am I Missing Something?

When Jeggings made their debut in stores, I was sure they were such an obvious horror we didn't even need to write about them. However, my time in stores spent Christmas shopping has been confusing. Otherwise sane and fashionable looking women are grabbing them up by the handful.

I suppose a denim look legging makes some sense with all of the "is it a shirt or dress?" confusion in stores, but I haven't seen anyone wear them that way. They're wearing them as pants--even the Jeggings without the little fake (or occasionally functional) back pockets. These things are a visible panty line nightmare (no matter what kind of underwear you choose--and no underwear is painfully obvious).

I understand the appeal of jeans that don't cut, pull, inch downward and have a comfy elastic waist, but most Jeggings end up looking like a cartoon version of jeans, especially if your shirt doesn't come down long enough to hide the top. (There are some pricey ones that look real, but who pays that much for a trend?) I've seen some children look cute in them, but children look cute in a lot of things grown women may want to avoid.

What do you think of Jeggings? Love them? Loathe them? Can't believe I'm writing about them?

P.S. Conan (pictured) may wear Jeggings for entertainment value anytime...


Catie D. said…
I am disliking the whole Leggings as pants. They look okay with a long sweater or tunic, but when you where them with a normal length shirt, it looks like you forgot a skirt or something. I think it looks trashy.
Betty said…
HATE them! I was with you in thinking that it was a "trend" that would not last even a day! I would never be caught in these.
Kaye said…
I really, really don't like them. The only time I'm ever okay with them is when they're just a super stretchy pair of jeans, rather than a blueish piece of fabric with pockets and wrinkles literally painted on. And even then, I think they're best with a tunic or dress of questionable length.

Still, though, I think they're the better half of the 'leggings-as-pants' trend. Somehow, this has become completely acceptable at my school, and it just makes me cringe every day to see it. At least jeggings *sort of* resemble pants. With plain leggings, *everything* shows. I just don't get it; it's like you're walking around in your underwear.

...Wow, that turned into a rant. Sorry.
I have seen so many bad versions of this idea but a few out there are doing it right I found these awesome fitting denim leggings at Banana Republic #762377. They have actual pockets and look like great fitting skinny jeans. Skinny jeans have never been this comfortable though. My only wish is that they were a inch higher waisted but I love them as they are. The fabric is super soft and they look great tucked into your favorite boots or with heels. I am 5'6 1/2" and 148 and curvy and they fit great. Best part I see they just went on sale.

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