Cute & Cozy Pajama Sets

There's nothing better on a cold winter evening than cuddling up in cute pjs, sipping some hot coco by the fire place, and reading a good book before dashing under the covers for a cozy night's sleep. These cute and cozy pajama sets can help make your winter nights a little warmer (and a bit more fabulous). Top Row:
Thermal Long Janes, Victoria's Secret $49.50 (These can double as long "janes" under clothing)
Handpainted Butterfly 100% Silk PJs, Amazon $129
Toile Print Satin Pajama, Victoria's Secret $59.50
Bottom Row:
Modal Sleep Separates, Kohl's $13 a piece
Owl Print Flannel PJs, Target $24.99
Three Piece Pajama Set, Target $19.99


Jael Paris said…
I'd love some modal pants for Christmas. Just sayin'.
Belle said…
I simply adore pajamas especially here:

Also, I would like to suggest Lifo. It's a fun site for girls where they can share about beauty and fashion.

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