Poll: Show It Off

The styling of a fashion show is always a stickler. How elaborate can the hair and makeup be without overwhelming the clothes? Can you style the models in funky layers or will that cover up the potential the pieces have as separates? Will your basics be too basic to be remembered if you don't punch it up with the correct accessories? Should the models even walk around? Some designers just have the models sit around while others make their own editorial shoot with one model in each outfit.


Anonymous said…
I would create some kind of hologram projector that would project an outfit made up of my things on each person in the audience.

They would see outfits on themselves and on fellow audience members.

I would know mostly who was attending my show and would pick out stuff that looked good on them.

OK, developing the hologram blaster would be quite the hurdle.... but wouldn't that be a fun fashion show?
Jael Paris said…
Susanelle, you're my new favorite.

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