Fashionable DIY Gifts

My income has been nonexistent to pitiful for the last three years, which puts a huge damper of my favorite time of year--Christmas. I love Christmas partly because I love gift giving, but gift giving is tricky when you don't have any money. Handmade gifts have been my standby for a while now, and I'd like to think I'm getting better at keeping them from looking too handmade. Also, some of the best gifts I've received have been handmade by my friends.

Here are some fashionable DIY gifts, make of which can be made without advanced crafting skills or a sewing machine. Some of these can even be fashion from materials you may already have.

Katie if Interrobangs Anonymous, made a shredded jersey circle scarf out of a jersey dress. The people at Method had a similar idea with a variety of results.

Turn an old sweater into a fun and comfy skirt. If you have any sweater leftover, you can even make upcycled sweater boots or sweater mittens.

Keep your friends and family warm with gifts like this cape, which can be made out of a blanket, or an asymmetrical vest.

If you're up to taking on leather, try making these cool viking shoes (no sewing, just cutting and lacing). If you have some leather left over, you can add it to a pair of old jeans to make a cool tote bag (this one requires quite a bit of sewing).

For the friend who is obsessed with her phone, make a pair of gloves touch screen friendly with a little bit of conductive thread.

If a friend have been ogling all of those cool harness necklaces that seem to be all over the place, save some pennies and make one yourself.

Embellish any of our DIY projects with pretty, handmade paper beads, or these fun rolled fabric flowers.

For the friend who has every accessory and clothing item she could dream of, OustsaPop has a bunch of ideas for crafting chic hangers to display her collection.

Do you DIY gifts? Share your messes and successes in the comments. (And tell us if you've received any amazing handmade items.)


LyddieGal said…
I've done lots of DIY gifts over the years, the best have always been the simplest, earrings with elegant beads, handy tote bags out of fun fabrics.
Cookies. Candies. Fudge. Food gifts are always a win.

How can you dislike a gift made with love?
Anonymous said…
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amberbeata said…
Love this post! DIY gifts are probably the best gifts one can give. I always appreciate a home-made gift.
Very informative post thank you for sharing, you're right gift have different ways to make as what you've said handmade gift would be great if you don't have money to stuff.

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