Alexander McQueen Resort 2011

Every time we cover the major fashion seasons, Alexander McQueen would get his own post. It's not because we unabashedly loved his work, but rather because he was the only designer to earn his own post. I never reviewed one of his shows as a collection of trends or even evaluated what I liked and didn't. No, ignoring reviews and critiques, I would pore through the images over and over, picking up the threads of the story. My story didn't always match what his intention was, but that just meant he could tell more than one.
That was for the major seasons. Resort 2011 marks the first Alexander McQueen show without the eponymous designer. Resort is generally a more laid back affair, made for marketability. Even so, there is a story here: Sarah Burton loved Alexander McQueen.
Surely, this is the work of someone who loved fabric as art and her friend's extreme visions. She carries out here is exaggerated proportions and loves of armor and Asia. She also harkens to Spring 2008, Fall 2009 and Fall 2010, all shows she worked on.
The threads are strong and bright. Here's to hoping that for Spring 2011, Ms. Burton will have her own story to tell.


Sarah Dee said…
Alexander Mcqueen will be missed but I truly think his vision was carried through into this collection, stunning.

StyleCheckup said…
Sarah Burton has big shoes to fill; think 12 inch McQueen heels. I think these pieces demonstrate that she has full intention of keeping Alexander McQueen’s creative genius alive in this resort collection. The clothes are beautiful and exotic, just the way an Alexander McQueen collection should be. I can’t help to think of Lady Gaga when I see this collection which makes sense since she was his muse. I’m most in love with the long cream/peach layered dress and the cleavage baring gray belted dress. Both are just perfect and I can’t wait to try them on. I look forward to Sarah’s future McQueen collections and if they resemble this resort collection, she is definitely on the right McQueen inspired path.

Erin C. Higgins,

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