Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2010

There was a small girl named Sanja. While other tow-headed girls loved tea parties, ponies and puffy clouds, Sanja loved Botticelli, Eugene Delacroix and the Louvre. After her first trip at the age of three, she told her bemused parents that she would live there one day. They were not so amused when she disappeared on a school trip to the museum at the age of nine.

Sanja lived a happy life exploring the back rooms of the museum, playing with broken bits of art, dancing through the old palace. At night she would sit in the Charles Le Brun room and breathe deep the old oils and sweat of the canvas or soak up the romance of Vien.

For many years, Sanja consumed nothing but art until one day she realized that she'd become part of the Louvre itself. She was in the tapestries,the glass,
the sculptures,
and the paintings themselves.
Though she's been absorbed by the art, Sanja isn't gone. To this day, she whispers challenge and inspiration to all the artists roaming the halls of the Louvre looking for more. God save McQueen.

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Sarah Dee said…
This post really speaks to what fashion is all about, The beauty, art and inspiration that it holds. I wish more people could see that.
Robin said…
I agree with Sarah. This post is warm and rich and wonderful- very fitting for the collection it's framing. And the first dress you pictured will haunt me.
Fanya said…

I. LOVE. that red coat with gold embroidery in the middle of first image. It captured my attraction toward asian things stronger than any duct tape or super glue. I WANT it...I NEED it...

Not a big chance of that coat being in a target collection I assume? =(
oh well, maybe I will go raid some thrift store or costume stores...

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