Poll: Dress Code

We've been around the dress code block. becca works from home, and I work in a casual environment that allows me to experiment wildly with clothing. Before this job, I worked in a more professional atmosphere that still gave me wiggle room but required more conservative attire. Even though our work doesn't require much in the clothing department, we both attended schools with hyper-strict dress codes and know the ins and outs of what to cover and what rules to push.

Tell us more about it in the comments.


Sarah Dee said…
We have to wear dress pants, but you can wear a really low cute tank top with it and no one will say a thing...

Alexis Fedor said…
I worked in a fashion showroom for four years, and so the dress was rather high-end with an anything-goes attitude. We all had a chance to show off our own unique styles. Now I work from home and I find that when I go outside it is still important for me to sport an ensemble that reflects my mood for the day. Even if I'm going to Starbucks, I still choose my shorts, sandals and top carefully; not because I'm worried about what the people in Starbucks will think, but because it is FUN and creative, and that level of self-care adds more self-respect and confidence to my day.
Alison said…
I recently worked in a casual environment that I dressed all Bus casual and fun. Now I work in a shop. It's hard to transition to grubby work wear. I do try to wear necklaces and earrings to try to dress things up a little bit. But, I miss my dresses and skirts...
Anonymous said…
I hate my company's dress code. Anything goes so I see way too much flesh, underwear lines, clothes are in serious need of pressing...and the ever present sound of flap flap flap as flip flops go up and down the hall.

This is the most casual dress environment I have EVER been in and I have worked in warehouses. I come from a more traditional corporate background so needless to say, image-wise, I do not fit in.
Jael Paris said…
Alexis, you're a girl after my own heart.

Anon, we used to have no dress code, but because of people taking advantage, they had to institute obvious things like "You must wear underwear". I'm one of the most dressed up people everyday.
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