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Christina Aguilera is in a situation, as becca mentioned Tuesday. She's routinely reinvented herself for each album -- teen poptart, skunk-haired dirrty girl, Marilyn Monroe, Donatella Versace*, and now a dominatrix. A dominatrix was a tired gimmick anyway, and it's made even more tired by writers and bloggers claiming that she's "trying to be Lady Gaga" and that the crazy rubber catsuits "whiff of desperation in a post-Gaga world."

*She most likely wasn't going for Donatella, but that's all becca and I could think of with the blow out and heavy makeup.

What the Gaga obsessed don't seem to remember is that many musicians, like Christina and a virtual unknown named Madonna, change their image with each album. (Although you could just say this is Christina's third foray into the dirrty girl persona.)
Material Girl

Material Girl by BellaMarie featuring Barbara Bui shoes

Others make distinct fashion splashes, like Lily Allen's prom dresses and sneakers, Amy Winehouse's beehive, or Johnny Cash's commitment to black.

Other musicians, whether through shock factor, keen sense of style or sheer force or persona, transcend into fashion icons.

So don't let the Gaga nuts get to you, Christina. You'll have other albums to turn into a fashion scene. Besides, they don't seem to realize whacked out fashion was tread very well by David Bowie before Gaga was thought of.

Music & Fashion


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