Love or Loathe: Prada Chandelier Shoes

I love the concept of these crystal chandelier drop sandals from Prada. It's no secret that we think the refraction of a chandelier makes for great jewelry, but on a shoe? Wouldn't it tickle the toes?

The bigger issue here, however, is every other part of the shoe. The nailheads remind me of 90s clogs. And the Velcro is so painfully present it detracts from the pretty pendants.

They don't seem to be available in the US. Darn, because I'm sure we were all going to rush out and buy them. Price point aside, what do you think of spring's It shoe?


Lesa said…
Hate them! Big velcro, where in the heck would most people (me) wear them? And I am sure they are ungodly expensive!
Unknown said…
odd but very beautiful...:)
xoxo fashion geek
Angharad said…
I think I mainly like them, but agreed, that velcro is such a mistake!
Sarah Dee said…
WHAT IS THIS? How was this design even approved. Maybe Im biased because Im not a fan of clogs but come on! exposed velcro!!
L.B. said…
Not loving them at all.
Not loving it. The shoes seems too busy and the exposed Velcro is not a selling point.
becca said…
I love the idea of this shoe, but I don't like the execution. Even without the velcro and nailheads it would be busy and clunky.

They should have done a heel that looks like chandelier pieces. I would love that.
Kaye said…
I really like the chandelier part, but as for the rest, not so much. The velcro is just plain ugly, and the shoe part seems too clunky to go with the chandelier decoration.
Stylist Diva said…
Oh. My. God.

Are they kidding us? This MUST be a late April fools joke. UGH... If I wanted to look at a tacky chandelier I would of went snooping in grandmas attic.
Fanya said…

Chunky heel = easy to walk and RUN in.

clear+velcro = makes me feel like a little girl again + easily adjustable + appeals to my engineer love velcro side.

chandelier made it ugly pretty. Without the velcro and chunky heel, it would look hooker-ish to me. And being on the chubby side, chunky heels look more proportionate than skinny heels on me.

It will elicit a love or hate response from most people, but it's better than boring. It's easy to adjust/walk in and make me feel like a little girl again. =D
Bean said…
Wish I would have stumbled across them when they first came out. I will be watching resale sites for years to come!!!
Bean said…
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Bean said…
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