FMF Reader Poll: Fashion Influences

We all draw our fashion inspirations from somewhere. We see things that appeal to us, that we grew up with, that strike us and we incorporate them into our wardrobes. My first fashion influences came from the classic musicals, old movies and Hitchcock films I grew up watching. As the late 90s boho look came around, I started drawing inspiration from my mother's hippie days. Around that time, I dove into fashion magazines, discovered Tim Burton films (I love the whimsically macabre aesthetic). I started watching runway shows on the Style network (I miss the days when that was just a fashion channel). This is where I first learned about Alexander McQueen, the Japanese designers and some of my other favorite designers. Influences just keep building with each kind of art I discover, places I visit (like Jael Paris talked about in last week's poll) and groups of people I meet.

Where do you draw your fashion influences from? Don't just stop with the poll, tell us more in the comments. What inspires you to dress the way you do (or the way you want to dress)?


Rachel said…
You left out fashion blogs! I'm really not being a brown-noser, :) but following a lot of fashion bloggers and sites like weardrobe and wardrobe remix have really had a impact on my personal style. I love looking at how other people put things together on a day to day basis.
becca said…
Rachel, I could play humble and say that's way I left off fashion blogs, but I just forgot (don't ask me how). They've been a huge influence on me too.
Audi said…
I second fashion blogs; they're probably my #1 source of inspiration these days -- they're so much more practical than reading fashion mags, which are full of mostly stuff I can't (or don't want to) afford.
Robin said…
I miss The Style Network too! I mean, I like Clean House and all, but all day? What happened to those mall shopping shoes where they recreated looks, and the runway shoes? Neicy Nash can only do so much.
Fanya said…
fashion blogs, 'nuff said.

and...a bit embarassing but...mangas and animes, that's where I get the cutesy style from. Ppl in those are masters at looking cute, matching accessories, and layering clothe.

and my mom's closet. She has many items from "fashionable years back when I was young". They are still in great conditions, some of them are retro and some look very current.
rachel said…
I suppose it could fall under the art category, but renaissance festivals were the first big influence on my personal style.
Anonymous said…
My two biggest influences are fashion blogs and film/TV. More specifically,, Cupcakes & Cashmere, and The Stylish Wanderer are my favorite blogs for inspiration, and Gossip Girl is my favorite TV show for inspiration. :)

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