The Impact of International Fashion

Roommate, becca and I were sitting around last week discussing how travel has changed the way we dress. For me, a trip to Paris when I was seventeen woke me up to fashion. For becca, it was Italy in college. My roommate transformed from a tee and jeans girl to an explosion of quirky cute after a summer in Japan.


Elizabeth said…
I went to Spain and Italy in college, and it changed me to be more girly and like pretty clothes instead of the grunge punk phase I was going through.
Fanya said…
I definitely got the taste for cute, delicate and colorful stuff from my 11 years of living in China. I got my simplistic and tomboy side from living in Texas for 6 years.

I never thought about the way I dress until I start reading style blogs, set off my, which gives me a taste for edgy stuff, layering and inspired me to start wearing heels.

There you have it. I dress super girly sometimes, tomboyish sometimes, and slightly edgy other times. But no matter what I wear, it's never too tight or too revealing. My conservative Chinese side won't allow it.
Hannah said…
My style has always been very girly and prim (think Blair Waldorf), but I've definitely acquired a slight boho vibe after spending seven summers at an artsy/hippie camp in rural Maine. It's funny, I've traveled to Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean, but no place has inspired my style as much as a hippie camp in Maine!

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