New Year Fashion Resolutions/Realizations

I've done New Years Fashion Resolutions once before on this blog. They were for 2008, and I'm happy to say they were long ago accomplished (though some could use repeating). I didn't make any fashion related resolutions last year for the same reasons I'm hesitant to make them this year--everyone makes the same resolutions and I'm (still) unemployed.

Here are the basic resolutions I read every year:
  • Buy more color/unique pieces
  • Buy quality basics instead of cheap versions
  • Try a new/better haircut
  • Get a better beauty/skincare routine
  • Lose weight
  • Purge the wardrobe
Those are nice, but based on the comments and tweets and emails I read from most of you lovely readers. These things are either under control or understood in most of your wardrobes. Yes, closet cleanses need to happen, but I usually do that when seasons change.

As for the rest of those. I can't buy anything so the "buy" resolutions are out. I did add bangs to my look this year, but I love my hair the way it is so I don't see any further alterations in my future. I am on an endless search for certain beauty products, but the search is limited by my budget. If I see one more weight loss commercial, I'm going to stab someone. I do need to get healthier this year since unemployment involves too much sitting, but I also believe in eating pasta. This is important to my sanity.

Here are the things I learned last year that I want to continue doing in my future shopping:
  • Consider each purchase: I find things I like and say "I'll buy that when I get a job." The job never comes. The item sells out. Life goes on and I don't usually wish I hadn't missed the item. (I regret the loss of a green Michael Kors purse for 1/3 the price at Marshalls).
  • Organize the wardrobe: I've moved a lot recently so keeping the clothes organized makes it easier to move them. Plus, if you can see everything it's easier to make use of everything.
  • Do laundry less: Less laundry = fewer quarters spent. It also means I learn to wear items that normally stay in my closet, and I don't wear my clothes out as quickly.
  • Forgo the fashion "I wannas": This one is hard, especially when you run a fashion blog. I always want something, but I don't always need it. This results in less closet clutter.
  • Watch for free beauty samples: I've been able to try a lot of products thanks to free samples, coupons and even rebate deals. (I occasionally tweet these if I find a good one).
  • Get better at DIY & repairs: I'm not good at making things. I can't sew. Even mending items is tricky for me, but I've had to learn. I was able to make some cute gifts for friends this Christmas and I've learned to do some minor clothing repairs.
These aren't so much resolutions as realizations of how unemployment has made my already frugal shopping style even more cautious. I do think I will hang on to these new forced behaviors. Although, if I find a job, I do resolve to do a little frivilous shopping. If this stint of unemployment ends, shopping therapy is in order.

Do you have any fashion related New Year Resolutions? And while we're talking about the new year, is there anything new you'd like to see on Fashion Me Fabulous this year?


LyddieGal said…
I used to be so frugal, rarely treating myself to anything I wanted. Then I got a decent paying, but very mundane job, and to compensate I started buying more and more.

Satisfying my nearly every impulse - especially things under $20 - if I wanted it, I got it.

I began fear this bad habit might gain the strength to become something unpleasant.

Last year, to help with these worries, I limited myself to only buy 12 pairs of shoes.

But it's still a problem, and this year, I need to try harder to find that girl who didn't need everything.
Jael Paris said…
The little under $20 things were a weakness of mine at one time. They can really sneak up and bite you! I try to keep something special in mind to save for, like a great pair of boots or the perfect vintage dress. I think I end up saving money in the long run by denying myself the F21 earrings and seasonal shade of lipstick.
Mars said…
We are sort of at opposite ends, I just started a job yesterday after 5 years of being at home with my kids and struggling for every cent. Please remember that if you can spend a few bucks on yourself, even if it is 3 dollars, it will perk you up and make you feel good!
becca said…

I totally agree. This is why I've spend most of the gift cards I've been given on fun little fashion purchases rather than using them to buy something practical. It may be small, but you need a little something for yourself once and a while.

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