The Horror: Can It Be Worse?

Reader, Vicki sent this in. (Good eye?) The question is, can you make a striped, drop-crotch, harem, jumpsuit any uglier? Vicki suggested animal print, but they already went there. It's even making the Victoria's Secret model ugly by proxy. I suppose charging more than $48 would make it worse, but really charging anything for it is a crime. Theories?


It just looks like someone put a seam in a maxi dress.
Perhaps with a more structured top, and a solid color, this would make a more positive statement.
Unknown said…
It looks like they combined the ideas of a maxi dress, jumper, and harem pants all in one. Bad idea.
Anonymous said…
maybe vicky's secret figures that what better way to surprise your man than to have their some super sexy lingerie of theirs under this hot mess?
Vicki said…
VS always has some really questionable fashion choices (especially when it comes to swimwear) but this... I mean, I can't even... there's no...

It takes a lot to make me speechless, and I cannot find words to describe this.
Marybelle said…
I'm scarred for life.
Anonymous said…
Bling! It could use that. Outline some of the print with cheap stones, maybe around where the top ends.
On that note, maybe a trompe l'oeil belt right there? That would be pretty hilarious.
Oh!! And flowers. Scatter them or just plop a few on one or two areas. The same could be said for bows (of the same print, maybe)?
Also, maybe they could strategically slash the top somewhere.

You may not have been seriously asking, but lord it's fun.
Anonymous said…
are there instructions on how to use the bathroom with this thing

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