Jael's Christmas Wishlist

My husband and I decided to buy ourselves a "couple gift" of DVDs we can't believe we don't own, but I still find myself window shopping and dropping hints.

I'm shoe crazy this Christmas. The red Dublin oxford from Naturalizer is the ideal fall shoe! Great color and texture with a nice, walkable heel. Also from Naturalizer, the Caliber would be the perfect replacement for my beloved brown shoes from the same store. In the squee category, Sofft's Oriole comes in several colors, including a beautiful navy. I want to wear them with mustard tights and my brown tweed tulip skirt.
So far, I've read 16 books this year. (Pitiful. Last year 's total was at 32.) One of my favorites was Extreme Beauty. I can put it on my shelf by the copies of Color and The Classic Ten I'm still waiting for.

As I've mentioned with posts about arm warmers and hoodies, it's freaking cold at work. I have scarves, but I need something short and secure. These scarflettes from Flutter on Etsy would do the job in style. I just bought a couple dresses to wear at work (look for those to appear on our Facebook page soon), so I need to cover my bare legs. Cute button leg warmers would keep me warm and let me break free of boots once in a while.
Some of my cute clothes just can't be worn at work, so I'm looking into wilder makeup. I'd like to find some dark eggplant lipstick from Illamasqua at Sephora and deep green eyeshadow from Lime Crime in my stocking. (FYI: Lime Crime eye shadows are now 15% off!) My goal is to work a gothy peacock look. Since my coworkers have hair in various shades of violet, blue, burgundy and pink, I'm not sure anyone will even notice.

What are you hoping to find under the tree?


Kristen said…
I have those navy Soffts, and I LOVE them. Ooooh, pairing them with mustard tights and brown skirt? Genius. GENIUS! I am going on the hunt for mustard tights immediately. Thank you for the inspiration!

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