Save or Splurge: Costume Clearance

Now that Halloween is over, costume pieces everywhere are on super clearance. Now Halloween costume stuff is poor quality, however some stuff is worth picking up. Last year I stumbled upon a ton of really unique fake eyelashes for a dollar a pair. I only purchased one pair with feathers on then ends. I really regret not buying every style. Many of them were rather subtle and could have been a lot of fun to wear to parties and when going out.

I also found black lipstick for an experiment I was doing to capture the look of YSL's runway makeup. The lipstick came with some pretty nice black nail polish, and the whole kit cost just a dollar. I wish I would have splurged on some name brand black shimmer eye shadow too.

There are also clearance tights, which may not be the best quality, but could be fun to play with. There are awesome masks that could be great for a holiday masquerade ball (or just for fun). I would never spend a ton of money on this stuff, but I wish I had splurged by buying more of those eyelashes last year instead of being stingy.

Do you save or splurge on Halloween clearance?


Elizabeth said…
I usually only splurge for remaining candy :)
Caitlin said…
If I had money to splurge with, I would definitely splurge!

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