Project Runway Episode 12: Bryant Park or Bust

Michael Kors was not there for the last challenge. That is not acceptable.

Anyway, the designers were challenged to create a look inspired by anything at the Getty center. It could be art, architecture, landscape, the view, anything. The sky was the limit with this challenge. In most seasons the challenges are really restrictive and the designers have to work hard to show their point of view. This season, the challenges have been more open-ended, which should have lead to more exciting designs. However, everything has been boring or a train-wreck. Nothing has wowed. This final challenge where anything was possible would have made designers of past seasons jump for joy (See Season 4 at the Met), but these designers have had plenty of chances to shine so they didn't seem all that grateful.

They also didn't shine. I didn't want anyone's look. I wasn't wowed. I wouldn't have sent any of them to Bryant Park. I'm surprised Nina didn't shut the whole show down and say, go find some designers who will try a little harder (or that Ra'mon should have never been kicked off and should win the whole season). These designers aren't bad, but they don't stack up to even some of the mediocre designers of seasons past. Can we have a new season, please?

There was no winner this week, but Irina was the first to know she was on her way to Bryant Park. I'm sure she knew that already though. Usually, Irina does a good job and I like her clothes. She has never wowed me. She's made things I want to wear, but I find things at JC Penny that I want to wear. This week her dress was dowdy and sad, and this was after she nixed the fur. They video editing team did try to put in a few moments where Irina was almost being nice and likable. I didn't totally buy it, but I did like the scene in mood where she found the fur she loved but didn't end up using. She was trying to figure out what kind of fur it was and said "It's not goat. Maybe rabbit?" Tim responded in a near whisper. "It's too big to be rabbit. Maybe it's a giant Scandinavian rabbit." This made me laugh a little. First Irina moment all season that had some lightness. Irina's inspiration was a painting with this black gauzy dress that was completely see through. I was excited to see something dramatic, gauzy, sensual, exciting, wearable. This was none of those things.
Next up, Carol Hannah with her pretty gold dress. It really was pretty and pretty boring. An ornate, luscious European bed with tons of texture and lux fabric inspired it. Talk about toning down your inspiration. Sadly, this was probably the best look of the night. Happily, she's on her way to Bryant Park.
Christopher is out. I kind of knew that. It was sad, and I wanted to hug him. However, this is the third dress like this he's made and none of them have worked. He chose a spot of algae in a fountain for his inspiration. Even a spot of algae can inspire something better. The fabric on the bottom moved weird and looked heavy. It didn't flow (if you find inspiration in a fountain your look must flow). I hope Christopher gets some training and keeps trying though. I think he could be good someday. Toning down the Pollyanna attitude and being able to look critically at his work will help him too.
The last two standing were Althea and Gordana. This seemed a little obvious to me even though Althea's look was kind of a mess. She tried to do something architectural inspired by the Getty center building itself, but didn't quite execute it. Althea has done a lot of this pleating, textured stripes, bands of fabric stuff this season. More consistent judges would have noticed that and scolded her for it. Regardless, on the merits of actually trying to do something more interesting than a blank wall she made it to Bryant Park.
This means Gordana went home. Her dress was pretty, but not all that well made, which is odd for Gordana. She was the best at living up to her inspiration, a Monet painting. She was almost weeping when she talked about how personal and spiritual the design was. I'm glad it spoke to her, but it didn't speak to anyone else. Good design has to speak to the viewer/wearer too. Gordana has passion and skill, but she lacks vision.
The final three are Irina, Carol Hannah and Althea. I'm not the least bit surprised. I don't know who will win with a little more time to plan and work, but I'm a planning for next season and working up an appetite for interesting fashion design. At this point, I'm just watching for Tim Gunn.

What are your thoughts on the final three? On the season as a whole?


Robin said…
I was sad to realize that I really don't care about any of these three designers. I'll watch the rest of the season, but I have zero interest in any of their collections. Bummed.
Amy Joy said…
Project Runway is an succes!
Unknown said…
Yeah - this episode offered more muted colors and boring shapes. I will watch the end of the season, but they've got to seriously step it up next season or they are in trouble!
Rachel said…
I'm glad that the final three are who they are. I thought Irina's look was hideous, but everyone else did fine. I really thought Gordana's dress was gorgeous, but not enough to push her into the top three. I'm really curious to see who will win.

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