Save or Splurge: Animal Prints

Whether you love or loathe them, animal prints are big for fall, but they aren't your typical trend. A classic animal print (not a hot pink or glitter one) will stay stylish regardless of trends. However, buying the cheap, trendy animal prints will guarantee a dated look by next season.

So should you splurge on a nice animal print or save and wear the trend for a season? This is a hard one for me because my instinct just says "skip the animal prints altogether." But I'd like to play the trend and still have something classic in my closet when it's over.

Since I find most trendy animal prints rather tacky. I know I'll have to splurge a little if I want any animal print at all. I'd like to make a save splurge. In other words, I'd like to buy a really nice small animal print item like a scarf or a belt. It would be a classic piece that I could mix with my clothes. I'd buy good quality (a silk scarf a T. J. Maxx or a vintage shop doesn't cost much), but in the end it wouldn't cost much money. From there, I can see if I want to splurge on a bigger item like a cheetah print skirt.

Pictured: Cheetah Rose Headband ($32) from Anthropologie. I think this makes a great introduction to animal print since the cheetah print really just looks like a more interesting polka dot and the rose style keeps everything girly and classic so there are no worries about trashy animal print.

Do you save or splurge on Animal Print?


Jess K. said…
Zebra Print Handbag - under $30
Leopard Print Heels - under $30
Pink Zebra Print Hoodie - under $15

Less than $100 this fall...I hope I can still use that handbag next season! The Hoodie will eventually become part of a pajamama set. And the heels - well, I pray to God I can wear them longer than two seasons. I love'em.
Robin said…
I've actually never owned an animal print anything. For years I thought it was kind of trashy and tacky- think teased hair and cigarettes. But this season has me looking at them a bit differently. I more easily see the classy factor. Still probably a save for me, though.
WickedThrifty said…
if i were to find a divine faux fur vintage leopard swing coat, money would be no (or very little) object. i've been looking for one for 10 years. other than that, i'll just have to live vicariously through my animal-print-buying friends, because i can't afford to buy anything new right now!

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