New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2010

Who: Zac Posen
What it made us think of: If I were in the stewardess military circa 1964...
What we liked: Color riot! Prints! The shoes! Relaxed pants. We see some pieces Lady Gaga's going to wear.
What we didn't: The pop art pins just aren't my thing. The florals don't belong in such a graphic show. We see some pieces Lady Gaga's going to wear.Who: Bibhu Mohaptra
What we liked: Pleating, prints, layering
What we didn't: It felt like two shows -- half romance, half utility. We can't handle split personalities!Who: Donna Karan
What it made us think of: I'd wear that, and that. Ooh, look at that!
What we liked: Beautiful draping, soft colors
What we didn't: Are those white eyelashes?Who: DKNY
What it made us think of: Going from the office to the gym to a weekend on Lake Michigan.
What we liked: Hot pink and black
What we didn't: Spanx sticking out from dresses and shorts

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StyleWylde said…
Hilarious commentary, and so so true. Not sure what the deal was with the "spanx" AKA DKNY smoothies. Bike shorts? Fat fighters? who knows....
Jael Paris said…
The pink ones don't bother me so much, but the flesh tone made me do a double take. Not a good double take either.
Rachel said…
The Bibhu Mohaptra and Donna Karen collections look great!
kylsie said…
I find myself wanting the majority of these looks. But really all I'm thinking is Zac Posen Zac Posen Zac Posen. I fall in love with everything he touches. Bright colors, edgy looks, retro touches... mmmmm.

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