Express Jackets

I don't know how I missed this when I wrote about military jackets. Not only does this jacket from Express ($79.50) bear the buttons, band stripes, and epaulets we so adore, but it's also grey jersey. That's right. This chic fall jacket is a sweatshirt. Now that's bumming around in style.

On a non-casual note, is this studded blazer ($73.50). It reminds me ever so slightly of Balmain's rockstar blazers. I fiddled with it in the store, and I don't care for the fabric. It's neither as soft as I'd like nor as structured. I love a rolled up sleeve, but these are permanently gathered with elastic. The studs are great, but the boring button brings the jacket down a notch on the glam scale. In all, I think it's a great jacket to buy on a steeper sale, so start stalking now.


Antonia Rosina said…
I wish we had Express in Canada :(
Caitlin said…
What an awesome jacket! Both jackets, actually

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