Nautical Looks

The sailor look is the most traditional way to wear nautical styles. Use a strict palette of red, white and blue. Think buttoned wide leg sailor pants, stripes, sailor tops, and jewelry with stars or a sea theme. Even operating within those constructs, you can still come out looking as girly, casual, or funky as you want.

A preppier version of the sailor look is the yacht club style. Use the same elements as above, but allow black and khaki in your color scheme. Add gold buttons and contrast trim blazers. Your end product should be more reserved than full on sailor, and you will look nothing other than preppy.

Welcome To Nautical Party!
Welcome To Nautical Party! by Natasha11 featuring Paul Smith

My favorite way to wear nautical involves bursts of yellow, a traditional color in sailing flags. It's so cheery and unexpected that even the most aggressively nautical fashion is less costumey.

:) by Erin :) featuring Converse shoes


I love nautical items! Great minds think alike, I planned out a nautical Etsy finds post last night. Look for it later today!


Klara K. said…
I simply love this navy pin-up style! ;)

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