The Horror: Tie Dye Die

Dear Forever 21,

Your "wild floral maxi dress" is just too much. Perhaps it would have worked as a mini, but the lack of shape is also troublesome. While you're going for some sort of Impressionism with the print, it reminds me of nothing so much as the tie-dyed sundresses so popular in the early 90s. And once you bring that up, I also have to think about large scrunchies and my neighbor's New Kids On The Block obsession. Do you really want to go there, Forever 21? Do you?

Fashion Me Fabulous


WickedThrifty said…
yeah. hmm. not so much. reminds me of this maxi skirt i just saw in the metro clearance catalog, too

it hurts us!
Tasha said…
Pass me the sunglasses...tis just a little on the garish side I think.
kylsie said…
I want to cut it up and make several colorful scarves.

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