Save or Splurge: Harem Pants

While it may shock some of you, Jael and I quite like harem pants. They seem great for summer and might even look cute with boots come fall. They are comfy, have plenty of room for our thighs (unlike shorts), and most are very light-weight.

However, they are very trendy. They probably will not be around forever. In fact, there is a chance they will leave us rather quickly. This means they can't be considered an investment.

I want a pair of harem pants, but I don't want to pay a lot for them. Their trendiness means I may not get much of a return on my investment. For me, these are a save.

Are harem pants a save, splurge, or just a flat out "no" for you?

Pictured: Linen Harem Pants, Charlotte Russe $26.99


Single Lady said…
I love Harem Pants. After seeing them on a TV show last week I went to Mango and splurged on a pair. They're gorgeous!
Jael Paris said…
I'm not sure the shortness of the trend matters when you live in Indiana. I can't imagine anyone other than me wearing them here.

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