Shorts For Women With Thighs

Judging by what is available in most stores, I suffer from an abnormal and disfiguring ailment known as "thighs." Bermuda shorts are too thin for my pins and most other shorts are an awkward length that rides up over my rare "thighs" thus becoming hot pants. Maybe the store buyers are telling me to hide for the summer?

No matter. Stores may not be packed with attire for the body of a non-teen, but I can uncover clothing for ample thighs. Some of these shorts can even work as a summer suit alternative.First Row: tan cuff shorts, Target $17.99
chocolate dot shorts, Alice & Olivia on Bluefly $84.99
green bow shorts, Diane von Furstenberg on Bluefly $87
Second Row: brown linen shorts, Alvin Valley on Bluefly $89.99
gold high waist shorts, Alvin Valley on Bluefly $89.99
cream stripe shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs on Shopbop $228
Third Row: pleat leg shorts, Diane von Furstenberg on Shopbop $157.50
dusty pink silk shorts, Jak & Rae on Bluefly $69.99
blue sailor shorts, Express $49.50
Fourth Row: purple silk shorts, Express $59.50
grey cuff shorts with contrast trim, Reyes on Bluefly $175.99
dark linen shorts, Forever 21 $17.80


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