I'm developing quite the collection of brooches. I put my ornate ones with my tee shirts and my crazy or mod ones with my ladylike cardigans. If you're in a pinch for a gift for mom, look into brooches. This is just a sample of what's online, but you can find them for cheap at any vintage or thrift shop.
Top:grey felt and bead flower brooch, Moschino on Yoox $54
yellow feather pin, Mod Cloth $17.99
teal duck pin set, Far Fetch $34
Bottom: crystal deco pin, Brooks Brothers $139.20
abstract flower brooch, Chick Downtown $40
Top: vintage medal bow brooch, Marquis & Camus $199
crystal butterfly, Swarovski $140
Bottom: red glass Fleur de Lis brooch, Extasia $95
polka dot bug pin, Betsey Johnson $38
watch pin, Mod Cloth $23.99

You can also secure some brooches in your hair with the aid of bobby pins. It's a cute way to add flash to your summer ponytail.


kylsie said…
LOVE the ducks. Geese? Waterfowl.
becca said…
I saw that bug pin at the store! Only Betsey Johnson could make me want to wear all of her little bug jewelry.
Anonymous said…
I have found some great brooches at the online boutique Goldyn. Check out!
Tabula Rasa said…
Ooh, I need to wear more brooches. I've always been more of a necklace person, but maybe I can turn them into brooches temporarily?
Anonymous said…
I am in LOVE with your BROOCHES, how can i purchase them?

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