From Our Archives: Welcoming Spring

Spring finally treated us to some sunshine today, which sent me on a four mile walking instead of working on stuff indoors. Oh well. Since FMF has been online for a while, I thought I'd pull a few tips from our archives for spring time.

Flowing dress, linen pants, light-weight tank tops and other warm weather standards don't hide shoddy underpinnings like bulky sweaters and wool trousers do. So check out FMF's tips for underwear shopping and some videos we found about making sure a bra fits correctly.

Spring is the time to switch up your shoes. Make sure to care for your shoes properly before breaking out the sandals and packing away the boots. Also, if you're getting your feet sandal-ready check out this review on a foot smoothing disc, and should you spill any nail polish while painting your toes, here is a handy removal method.

Also, try a new hair cut for the warmer weather.


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