Beauty Buy: Foot Smoothing Disc

I finally got down to the basement this week to dig out my sandals, which means I need to make sure my feet are sandal-ready. After a very long, very drying winter, my feet were in need of some care. On top of all the boots, socks and tights, I also go barefoot whenever possible so smoothing out my feet takes something a little stronger than foot cream.

The likes of pumice stones and razors are really not my style. I don't like scraping at my feet, which is where the Sally Hansen La Cross Foot Smoothing Disc comes in. This little blue plastic disc (pictured) has rings of ridges that help slough off all those callouses. The disc is reusable and really does work. It also feels more like a massage than a surgical procedure.

The disc is easy to use:
1. Soak feet in warm water for a few minutes to soften. (Standing in the shower or relaxing with a foot bath works too).
2. Using a swirling motion, rub feet with the Foot Smoothing Disk to remove rough skin and calluses.
3. Wash and dry feet after use.
4. Rinse off Foot Smoothing Disk with water after every use; let air dry. (Take it out of the shower to keep it free of mildew and other such yucky stuff).

It's taken a few sessions to get my feet really smooth, but the disc very gentle, which I like. It only costs about $5 to $6 at most drug stores and big-box stores. It's a pretty good buy since it will last longer and stay cleaner than a pumice stone, and its much safer than a razor.

This little disc is a must have for the home pedicure.


Anonymous said…
After misplacing mine, I tried to get another only to find out that this product has been 'recalled', or completely discontinued. That's straight from the representatives at Sally Hansen/laCross-whom I spoke to directly. Too bad: it really was incomparable and now I'm forced to use the quite useless and dreaded rasp or pumice again-which just tears up the feet. It's typical that they would do away with such a brilliant product. If anyone knows where I can get one outside of NYC, I'm willing to have them shipped to me.
Anonymous said…
I just found one at the dollar tree!

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