Open Vamp Boots

Yesterday, Tractordog asked where she could get boots like the grey suede ones at Jill Stuart. They are a basic boot with the vamp, the area between the toes and ankle, removed. Tractordog, I figured you didn't want to pay over a thousand for a designer version, so here are three more affordable options.
purple bootie, Steven by Steve Madden, Endless $102.90
black buckle boot, Naughty Monkey, Endless $87.90
taupe button boot, All Black, Endless $109.43

If you'd like us to do some shopping for you, email us the specs or leave us a comment here or on Facebook.


tractordog said…
Awww shucks THANK YOU! You figured RIGHT, I'd pass out if I paid a grand for shoes. :) These are perfect!

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