Love or Loathe: Toe Show Pumps

These pumps have a new take on peep toes. Instead of peeping out the front, your toes get their very own sun roof in these unique slingbacks.

Overall, I like the shoe with it's fun heal and big buckle. It's the toe window that makes me wonder. It could be fun, but it could show off an awkward part of the toe. It also brings up the question of toenail polish. I need to see these on a foot.

I want to hear the opinions of those of you who dislike toe cleavage. Is this worse? Better? No different? Do you like toe cleavage but hate these?


Rachel said…
Weird! At first glance I thought they were just cute shoes and was wondering why they were under "love or loathe."

I agree- I'd have to see them on a foot. Instinct tells me I don't like them, but I'm not sure.
Jael Paris said…
I can just imagine someone using these as an excuse to grow their toenails really long.
Anonymous said…
I really like these! It's an interesting concept, and the toe cleavage would be even sexier without the toes poking out like a normal peep-toe.
Crispy Banana said…
umm just make sure you have nice feet. if they are ugly, dont go for this style

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