Meet your new favorite simple summer dress

Summer. It's coming soon with it's sunshine, high temperatures, picnics, festival, barbecues, pool parties and so many more events that require being outside in the heat. If you're shopping in any stores right now, you might have noticed that all the so called sun dresses are made of itchy, plastic-y, hot material. They look summery, but they'll bake you.

Worry not, I've found a cotton summer dress that can get you through the whole summer for less than $20. Add a cropped cardigan or short-sleeve blazer for the office. Don some walking sandals, a fun sunhat and cute sunglasses for a day the fair. Dress it up with high heels, jewelry and a cute wrap for evenings. The possibilities are endless. It's even cute when you layer two different colors.

The fit is beautiful. Compose of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, it fits close to the body through the top and flares gently, which means it works even if it doesn't line up perfectly with you waistline. This dress is much longer than most of the skater dresses in stores. It comes to my knee. (I'm 5'7"). It comes in black, blue, grey, dark green, navy, orange, pink, lilac, wine and white. It also comes in a few prints, but be warned: those are 100% polyester. I'm avoiding the prints because of that.

I love this dress so much I already own it in three colors. I'm thinking of buying the rest of the colors. The white one might be a great slip to wear under some of the sheer dresses I keep finding in stores.

The Fensace Flared Tank Dress from Amazon costs $18.99 and is available on Prime with free returns.


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