Four Fun Fashion Kickstarters

We here at FMF love supporting independent designers and upstart fashion ideas. That's why we've long featured Etsy shops. Kickstarter has created another way for designers and creators to bring their fashion to the world. Here are for fun fashion Kickstarters route for funding now.

Fabienne, the knitter behind KnitYak, is a knitter and lover of math. When she got her first knitting machine, she modified it and started knitting algorithmic computer generated designs. Now she wants to upgrade to an industrial set up for everyone can have their own mathematical scarf. Click here to learn more or back the project.

Alright, this is another sock Kickstarter, but it's a great one. There's socks are fully functional footwear that doubles as a puppet! They are fun socks and fun socks puppets. The socks are printed so the design easily translates to a hand puppet, no stick-on eyes required. If this gets funded, they better come back with an adult version because I want a pair. (And according to the page, that's in the plans for the future!) Click here to learn more or back the project.

Fashion with a cause is a win win. You get to do good and look great doing it. Taste Makers By Trish P. is a fashion line inspired by causes. The Kickstarter will help grow the line so future collections (and the Kickstarter collection) can contribute to the causes that inspire the designs. The special Kickstarter collection has a delight honey bee theme, and, if funded, will give 10% of proceeds to the Bee World Project. The first post-Kickstarter collection will draw from an ocean inspiration and give back to related cause. Click here to learn more or back the project.

This might not be the most fashion forward sock, but I love it anyway. I cannot abide wet socks. If I encounter the tiniest bit of water in my stocking feet, I must change socks. Must. I don't care if they will dry in a few minutes. I can't stand it. And these socks promise to stay dry. Also, this is a Detroit-based brand, and I'm a fan of innovators bringing business to my area! Click here to learn more or back the project.


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