Cartoons Are Better Than Real Life

In cartoons you can run off the edge of the cliff and you won't fall until you notice that you've run off the edge. You can survive anvils falling on your head. You can be a talking duck. You can teach countless children their state capitals with a silly song. Speaking of silly songs, you can inform the world that everyone has a water buffalo. You can even wear the exact same outfit everyday for all of time because you're drawn and not real. If you've always wanted to experience some of the cartoon life, JumpFromPaper can give you that 2D feel in the 3D world with their quirky, cool cartoon bags.  Which bag would you choose for your jump into TV land?
Pink Cartoon Handbag JumpFromPaper 2D Fashion
Carly Sweetie $89

Yellow Cartoon Handbag JumpFromPaper 2D Fashion
Summer Breeze Handbag $89

Cartoon Handbag JumpFromPaper 2D Fashion
Giggle Crossbody $89

Teal Cartoon Handbag JumpFromPaper 2D Fashion
Cheers Bag, $99

Orange Cartoon Handbag JumpFromPaper 2D Fashion
Cheese! Messenger $99


Rachel said…
These are amazing!! I'm torn between the first one and the last one.
rachel said…
What the other Rachel said. I can't believe how cartoony they look!
Anonymous said…
they are just all so cute! I love the buttons :)
Kristina Wilson said…
These designs are quite nice. Handbags have really become an essential part of our lives. Its impossible to move anywhere outside without it. I think these designs look sneaky and funky to have a compliment of a cool outing. Perhaps, the most convenient way is to just carry them without any confusion.

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