Ode to Black Skinny Jeans

Last year for Halloween I wanted to be Death from the Sandman comics. To do this, I needed black pants. This seems like a straightforward clothing item that I would already have, but you're assuming I'm the kind of person who can find pants that fit. I'm not that kind of person. I really don't own many pants. Because I hate shopping for pants, and because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on pants I probably wouldn't wear often, I grabbed these black skinny jeans on super sale at Target. I think I paid $14. They are usually $28. They fit OK, which is better than most pants fit. They were actual skinny pants not leggings. They were cheap. They were black. I figured they would work for Halloween and maybe I would wear them on cold days at work if they didn't fall down too much. (They fall down a little).

It turns out these jeans, despite all the stretch in them, really shape to your body. After wearing the Halloween costume a few places, the pants had molded to my curves and fit better than any pants I own. This is not to say they fit perfectly. They don't. I don't own any pants that actually fit me, but these fit the best. I work in a somewhat casual office so I am able to wear these to work a lot. Pairing them with a blazer lets me get away with them at trade shows too.

I wore them so much they fell apart by spring and Target stopped carrying them. I managed to nab a pair on clearance for $12. This fall, I noticed they were back. I bought another pair on sale, and I'm thinking about stocking up even if I don't see a sale again because I like them. Also, they are super soft "denim" so they do wear out more quickly than most jeans.

They have a nicer texture than most black jeans. They almost feel more like a super soft chino than a denim. They look amazing with sweaters and boots. They are warm. And I haven't had any trouble with them fading (probably because they wear out quickly).

Side note: The actual blue jeans in this same fit do not fit as well, wear as well or feel as soft and wonderful. They also fade. I have no idea why. These come in khaki, which looks like it would wear the same, but I avoid tight pants that are that close to my actual skin color. Bad plan. I wish they would make these in colors. I would buy all the colors.


Jennifer Wells said…
Funny thing, I just bought a similar pair of pants from Target last week, also on sale, and I love them.
Unknown said…
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issabella said…

Oh, black skinny jeans, you're the unsung hero of my wardrobe! Your timeless style and versatility make you a staple for any occasion. Whether I'm heading to a casual brunch or a night out, you've got my back. Can you please share some Example of conclusion for assignment for the closure

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