Project Design: Sundresses

It's well into sundress season, and I find I'm a bit short on suitable dresses. This summer is presenting long days of dashing from brunch to grad party to picnic to a backyard cookout to a bonfire. These days are fun, but an all-purpose dress is much more practical than trying to dash home to change between events. I like a dress with straps (and maybe even pockets!) that looks nice layered under a sweater. It gets bonus points if it looks equally cute with wedges or cute tennis shoes. Which dress best fits your summer fun?

Short sleeve summer dress with pockets by ZenbClothing

70s-inspired basic midi dress by mojonet

Loose-fitting cotten sundress by Sophiaclothing

Pleated drop waist dress by theclosetlover

Jersey day dress with pockets by Lirola


Anonymous said…
The jersey day dress is totally my jam. It's just about perfect as far as I can tell.
Anonymous said…
cool ideas! it is nice to have sleeves on some sundresses! I always get sunburnt shoulders so I appreciate that for sure :)

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